“Why Do They Mock Good Men Thus?”

By Vinnie

I’ve visited several Article V sites, both pro and con, and have noted a strong mocking tone by proponents of the Article V process against people who show up with questions. Several have told me how viscious the anti-V crowd is with their comments and questions but I can’t find any, and so I have asked them to show me.

And they won’t. Or can’t.

I’ve visited the main sites that are against Article V, The New American. Eagle Forum,, Freedom Outpost, but I’ve yet to see a single comment that even remotely approaches mockery, or any kind of personal attacks on the proponents of the Article V process, and there are more than one.

But on the other side, the attacks are ugly and relentless, and for quite awhile. Several conservatives, out of good manners, have refused to name names, but I believe a pattern is developing now, after what, a year and a half at least, that points in the direction of the Convention of States and its cofounders Mark Meckler and Michael Farris.

But I can’t imagine why.

To gratuitously malign (or slime) an opponent who also has proven conservative credentials violates an Eleventh Commandment of Conservatism that is ten times more damning that Ronald Reagan’s commandment about the Republican Party; one is party loyalty, the other ideological loyalty that is damned near religious in nature, especially in these trying times.

And I wonder if national luminaries such as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are aware of the slime-merchants who’ve crawled in bed with them? Someone is either going to sneak out of that bed, quietly (to save public embarrassment), or kick that uncivil interloper out.

I don’t care which, but I intend to do everything in my power to make sure big money donors and national figures have a better understanding of just who these people are, and how they are tarnishing the very name of conservatism.

Now, I know Glenn Beck occasionally trips off into mockery, sometimes wrongly, against innocent people. I recall some unfortunate Army lieutenant colonel who received a Bronze Star for delivering seminars in Afghanistan about Islam. Glenn was clearly misinformed on the facts about Bronze Star rules which go back at least to my Vietnam days, but singled this colonel out, by name, in what was a tirade of over an hour. I was on the road and heard it. And I’ve heard Glenn do the same. He may have subsequently apologized, I don’t know, since I don’t listen regularly. But I do know, far more often on his radio show, Glenn in preaching the cause of Christian understanding and forgiveness, and inside the four corners of that doctrine, there is no room for mockery.

We all have our demons lurking inside, but mockery of people (I mock things all the time) is nearly the same as god-damning them into eternity, for there is being conveyed the notion that there is not only any hope for redemption, but neither is any really prayed for. I can’t even bring myself to think that about Obama, or worse, the Clintons.  (A good stiff prison term or exile to a farm in Zimbabwe will do. But eternity?)

Mockery is one of the most insidious of sins and we have watched it s growth among American youth for two generations now, its growth such that I have to believe it is being learned in our pubic schools and colleges….possibly as an unintended consequence of not allowing children in the 1st-thru-5th grades to beat the snot out of each from time to time, but maybe even as a form of intentional teaching, an indoctrination into the “soul of the Left”, since it is in this sort of mockery that burned in Karl Marx’s soul 180 years ago.

Mockery is the beating heart of the Left, or the dark side.

So why do men such as Mark Meckler, and a few minions who are suddenly showing up in Article V articles display these same traits?. Have they simply adopted a proven tactic? Or is it they just can’t help it?

“Why do they mock good men thus?” (Henry V)

Glenn. Sarah. Call your agents.



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