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Mo’ Money Blues for Meckler, Farris, Levin and Convention of States

By Vinnie

It was Mark Levin who kicked off this Convention of States idea last year in his bestseller The Liberty Amendments. He then joined with Meckler and Farris to launch the Convention of States national crusade. To pad his cachet, Levin then did a curious thing, he made the argument that James Madison was against Nullification, which he most decidedly was not. (Nullification is where a state can declare a federal law unconstitutional, and refuse to abide by it.)

For taking that stance, Levin took a series of tongue-lashings from several constitutional scholars and forums, including Publius Huldah, whose public sliming by Mark Meckler was a major reason why this site was established. (see our Why We’re Here mission statement at the top of the page.) They all cited direct quotes from Madison himself. Levin’s only defense was from some letters Madison wrote in the 1830s against South Carolina’s attempted nullification of a federal tariff, which was directed at an  unconstitutional (illegal) nullification. Continue reading Mo’ Money Blues for Meckler, Farris, Levin and Convention of States

Meckler-Farris-Lessig & Leftwing Association Confirmed

By Vinnie

Sometimes I don’t need to say very much.

Mark Meckler’s toadies have been carping about our “lies” about the Mecker-Farris relationship (they co-founded Convention of States) and their individual and collective relationship with Lawrence Lessig, the renowned leftwing law prof, and who seems to have camped on the front stoop of just about every Article V group in America (Goldwater Institute anyone?, including Nick “I want to be an A-team player” Dranias, over in Arizona. I spent a month in jail there one weekend…all because of my last name. Fugetabouit).

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Meckler’s Hirelings Accuse Us of Their Own Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh says this all the time and it’s been considered to be a signature of Leftists tactics for many years. I first noticed it coming out of the mouths of Harold Ickes and Sid Blumenthal defending the Clinton’s when they were still in the White House.

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Kissing-Up and Kicking-Down Among Meckler Cultists

By Vinnie

Before 9-11, in many parts of the country Dr. Laura (Schlesinger) occupied the talk radio slot now occupied by Glenn Beck. She had a habit that I always admired, namely speaking to her callers in a manner that befit their station other than her own.

You see, Dr. Laura is a PhD, a very smart lady, but with a short fuse for certain kinds of behavior by her callers, especially pretentiousness and whining. When a person calls seeking absolution for a selfish act, she tears into them like a tiger. She kicks up. But when a simple woman calls, possessing a lesser command of the King’s English, maybe even a touch of hillbilly or redneck, Dr. Laura is as gentle as a kitten and as patient as a saint. She kisses down.

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If it Walks like a Leftist, and Talks like a Leftist…

By Vinnie

My friend Augustino in Oregon has made it a hobby to study the manners and customs of the Left. He says there are enough insecurities and self-contradictions among them as to make Dr Freud curious about them as a  type and he plans to write a book about it. He even has a crew who’re trained to pick fights with them on the internet by pushing on those insecurity buttons.

With that in mind I asked Augie to look at some Article V web-articles, at the behest of another friend (in Virginia) who’s been involved in that Article V debate. He said he saw some similarities to what has always been associated with leftwing slime-tactics, and wanted to know if Augie agreed.

He does. Continue reading If it Walks like a Leftist, and Talks like a Leftist…