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Meckler-Farris-Lessig & Leftwing Association Confirmed

By Vinnie

Sometimes I don’t need to say very much.

Mark Meckler’s toadies have been carping about our “lies” about the Mecker-Farris relationship (they co-founded Convention of States) and their individual and collective relationship with Lawrence Lessig, the renowned leftwing law prof, and who seems to have camped on the front stoop of just about every Article V group in America (Goldwater Institute anyone?, including Nick “I want to be an A-team player” Dranias, over in Arizona. I spent a month in jail there one weekend…all because of my last name. Fugetabouit).

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Meckler’s Hirelings Accuse Us of Their Own Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh says this all the time and it’s been considered to be a signature of Leftists tactics for many years. I first noticed it coming out of the mouths of Harold Ickes and Sid Blumenthal defending the Clinton’s when they were still in the White House.

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