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Meckler-Farris-Lessig & Leftwing Association Confirmed

By Vinnie

Sometimes I don’t need to say very much.

Mark Meckler’s toadies have been carping about our “lies” about the Mecker-Farris relationship (they co-founded Convention of States) and their individual and collective relationship with Lawrence Lessig, the renowned leftwing law prof, and who seems to have camped on the front stoop of just about every Article V group in America (Goldwater Institute anyone?, including Nick “I want to be an A-team player” Dranias, over in Arizona. I spent a month in jail there one weekend…all because of my last name. Fugetabouit).

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Meckler uses Alinsky tactics to attack elderly women

By Rasputin

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” –Saul Alinsky

A few weeks ago there was an attempt to destroy the reputation of an elderly constitutional scholar who travels making speeches of the dangers of an Article V convention. Her name is Publius Huldah.

Publius is a respected writer on Freedom Outpost and this author learned of this hit-job-in-writing from an article there, Convention of States Uses Alinsky Tactics in Attempt to Destroy Publius Huldah.

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