Snot-Eyed Inbreds, Be Careful of the Company You May Be Keeping

By Vinnie

My friend in Virginia called last night to tell me he liked our mission statement. He thought it set the right tone for the site.

I won’t tell you what business he’s in, but he has to associate with some pretty rough people, and still be able to walk away with his head attached.

I’ll paraphrase what he told me about sending the wrong messages:

“There is nothing in the world more unnerving than being in the company of truly ignorant people who nonetheless think they are very smart, even to the point of being arrogant about it. Among the worse, even on neutral turf, are those who profess a lineage back to the Confederacy. Sometime I think, “Yeah, through first -cousin-to-first-cousin-to-first cousin.”. I doubt any of them ever read a book unless it agreed that Abraham Lincoln was never elected constitutionally. In this way they become lovers of the Constitution instead of racists. 

“Southerners have more experience in dealing with this sort, but they are positively pentecostal about the Constitution, and like a Pentecostal, even if you’re discussing bass fishing, the conversation doesn’t move very far along until there has been a profession of faith about the illegitimacy of Lincoln.

“There are many more genteel southerners of confederate lineage out there, but small groups often congregate at places I’ve had to do my work over the years, and are a colorful lot to watch…from a distance. I try not to have to talk to them. Only sometimes I can’t avoid them.  And since I am not the sort of person who marches into a biker bar and starts correcting everyone’s English, telling people with guns they shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, I follow some simple rules of the road, rules I notice by their absence on the internet. This can lead to some really dangerous habits in face-to-face discussions..

“I just stand there and nod, and try to find some polite non-committal way to not agree or disagree with their underlying Cause, in part to be polite, but in part to walk away intact. Arabs I’ve known in the Black Sea area actually have sport in this, especially when Bush was president, just to see if I could escape while remaining polite. But since 2009, we’ve never found anything to disagree about.”

My friend called because he had been in conversation on the internet with an Article V partisan, “a genuine bottom feeder”, who clearly didn’t know anything but was violently profane in showcasing it. He didn’t know whether this person was part of the Meckler gang or not, but he felt it was the Christian thing to ask me to let the Meckler gang know the types of people whose company they might just be associated with. Good advice..

If it walks like a snot-eyed inbred

and if it talks like a snot-eyed inbred

It might just be a Mecklerite.