Rasputin is honored: we have had hack attempts

By Rasputin

Over the last few days our illustrious website has had several hack attempts.

Rasputin and his writers are honored.

Maybe it’s because of an endorsement of Article V and the Convention of States by a Texas governor who needs some more education.

And his Texas Public Policy Foundation he so richly relies on is funded by Mssrs. Meckler and Farris. The John Hancock Committee for the States. DBA Citizens for Self Governance. A Project of the Convention of States Project.

EIN 27-1657203

Go ahead and plug it into google.

No lines need to be drawn.



Whatever else may be true about Mark Meckler, he does have a national network and champions for his cause in over two dozen state legislatures.  We are posting this article today on several sites including Freedom Outpost, hoping to have Mark's minions consider a much better alternative for their energies -- where they can show immediate results in state after state this year, rather than waiting forever for a ConCon that will never happen:



I think you are mistaken about who funds TPPF.  To my knowledge, that non-profit has always been a project of Christian billionaire and long-time School Choice Voucher proponent Jim Leininger, a perennial heavy-hitter in Texas politics.

Rasputin1869 moderator

John Hancock Committee for the States, DBA Citizens for Self Governance, gave TPPF $124,000 in 2011.