Patriot claims he was denied entrance to CoS meeting

By Lizzie B

Well, our hiatus lasted just a little over 2 months. Apparently we have some recidivism on the part of the Convention of States Project team. And ya’ll thought all the CoS folks were behaving themself. Nah.

A gentleman by the name of Donny Harwood posted on his Facebook page late Monday night that he was tossed out of a CoS meeting in Nashville. He posted the invite he received which indeed appears to be a public meeting:

Donny Harwood refused entrance to CoS meeting

This is his account of what occurred in his exact words, copied from his FB page:

Dear Patriots,

2300 pm

I was tossed out of a Convention of States meeting on Nashville TN tonight. I applied online to this very public meeting and received a ticket to attend. Immediately upon arriving, I said my name and I was surrounded immediately by COS employees and escorted out.

I demanded that I be able to attend this very important meeting but was told that because COS paid for the room they can determine who attends and who does not. I asked if I could speak with my State Senator Mike Bell and Mr Clark said I could call him but he had not talked to him. I then asked for Mark Meckler and he said he was not attending this meeting.

My State Senator Mike Bell as well as Sheila Butt, Bill Ketron and Jay Reedy was inside with 5 other State Legislators reportedly were inside! I was told this meeting was for them, this was the purpose. My question is what about the people who will be affected by these proposed changes and the fear that comes with a runaway convention.

I was told that I was a “potential disruptive threat” and that I was “Red Flagged” by someone in the organization. I was not disturbing a thing and even gave them my word that disruption was not my intent, I only wanted to learn more about this process. After all, I was told on two occasion to come to the meeting so “I could learn what it is about.”

At first I was angry then sad. I saw a slice of America that was not part of my country. in my opinion, they are attempting to put our Constitution in the trash and are not even allowing a conflicting opinion enter the room. There is a collective spookiness about this group of “conservatives!” I have not completely figured it out but I’m piecing it together.

The COS Regional Director first name I believe was Kevin, last name Clark, he was very nice but was visibly being directed by someone above him in the decision to toss me from the meeting. This display of tyrannical behavior by a “Conservative group” is completely unacceptable and begs all opposing to study this group and I would suggest we follow the money. Something is not right about it. I believe there is an agenda behind the agenda. Just a hunch, but I’m usually right about these things.

A task as big as changing our Constitution and putting our country at great risk, this group should be accountable to the people not just the politicians that will be called upon to call a convention. Secrets and “Private” meetings within a Republic is not the way things get done and it leaves the people with little input.

One thing that I have drawn from this fiasco is it has only strengthened my resolve to make sure a Con Con does not come together in TN and across the nation. My cage has been rattled and that energy will spill over into our efforts to stop a Con Con.

The actions by COS tonight shows me that perhaps this animal has grown too big and out of touch with the people they are suppose to represent.

We have our work cut out for us. Continue to spread the word and direct people to this site. It’s crucial that we have great numbers to confront this gulag.

Remember, “Where the flak is heaviest it confirms the target!”

Donny’s FB page is Stop Con Con TN. Lizzie looked over his page, and doesn’t see anything untoward. Lizzie can also find no mention of Mr. Harwood  on the CoS Project FB page.

In order to keep with the unbiased mission statement of this website, please see the Why We Are Here tab at the top of this site, we of course invite CoS or one of their representatives who was at the meeting to tell their side of this story.

Assuming what Mr. Harwood has stated is accurate these people are again using Alinsky-style tactics in order to disallow any dissent of their “project.”



The claims and promises made by the COS operatives and drones are demonstrably false.  Obviously, some of them are well aware of the falsity of their claims - why else would they bar dissent?  If what I say is wrong, but if I have influence (as they say I do), then they would want to invite me to speak at their meetings so they can pick my arguments apart and refute my words with hard evidence!

But they know they can't.  So they are afraid of me and they are afraid of Danny Harwood.  In fact, these people of so TERRIFIED of intelligent opposition to the scam they present that they required pre-registration for this event.  It appears that Danny Harwood was "red-flagged" when he registered - so they knew to bar the door to him when he got there - after a drive of several hours, I might add..

I understand that the COS worker drones don't know one way or the other - they are just repeating what they have been told.  Even so, they are accountable for their evil deeds....  


This is where the STOP CON CON TN and other organizations can make a great difference. A spark has been established, lets collectively create some momentum then all those against a CON CON continue to fan the flame! Please keep informing others and encourage them to contact their State Legislator of both houses and demand this movement cease. I have heard we have till the middle to end of January to stop this in TN. Please don't let up, our country is worth it. Elevate the pressure now and together we can get to the objective desired

Rasputin1869 moderator

Publius, perhaps they made a promise to a major donor this would happen in a certain amount of time. They may have not thought that some may dissent and therefore their mission has been harder and they are getting desperate.



Well, Soros wants his Marxist constitution in place by the year 2020.

Turning now to another faction among those individuals of "insidious views" who want an Art. V convention: In order to transform the United States from a sovereign nation to a Member State in the North American Union of Canada, the United States, and Mexico; a new constitution will be needed for the United States. In order to join the Union, the US will be required to surrender much of its sovereignty to the  Union.  It seems that we are behind schedule in getting this North American Union into a fait accompli. 

Lizzie B
Lizzie B

Donnie, from what Lizzie has seen they only have 4 states that have totally passed both houses. GA, AK, FL and AL. I don't see how the rest of the states needed 30, I believe, can do this by the end of January. We here know Meckler and Farris claim a state has "passed" a CoS even if it's only been introduced in one house. Totally misleading.


@Lizzie B Please note:

1) 27 States have already passed applications for a convention for a "balanced budget" amendment.

2)  Art. V does not permit States to limit the powers of the convention.  The Convention itself is the deliberative body.

3) CONGRESS is the entity which "calls" the convention.  It is totally up to CONGRESS to decide how to count the applications.  If CONGRESS wishes, it may combine the various different forms of application to get the 34 State total.

4) This hoopla about different forms for the applications for a convention is a mere SUBTERFUGE designed to make people believe that Conventions can be limited to previously determined issues.  IT'S A TRICK!

5) The individuals of "insidious views" who are pushing for a convention are very close to achieving their goal.

6)  If they get a convention, we will get a new Constitution.  And the new one will have been crafted in the pits of hell.  Have you seen the "Constitution for the Newstates of America"?  Have you seen the "Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America"?  They are already written and waiting for Americans to be tricked into supporting an Art. V convention.

And then there is the planned "North American Union" of Canada, the US, and Mexico.  The US will need a new Constitution to transform the US from a sovereign nation into a member state of the North American Union.


I was referring to the mid January timeline as being the time when our legislature considers it and puts it before the State Government Committee, moving toward making TN the 5th state to complete their call for an Article V COS. As mentioned in the Leaf Chronicle. Senator Ketron said "We have to push this through the House so that we can become number five. If we become number five, other states will see it."

According to Scott Williams the TN State Coordinator for COS, with legislation having been filed in 41 states so far, "there has been no other application in history" with as many simultaneous applications as now.

The measure has passed its first committee in 21 states, its first floor vote in 15 and has been approved by four states: Alaska, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

SJR0067 passed the Tennessee Senate in 2015 by a vote of 23-5.

The measure will be taken up by the House State Government Committee in January after the Tennessee legislature reconvenes for the 2016 session.

As you can see this thing could escalate probably sooner than expected.


I'm not surprised. If COS is the answer, the supporters should be able to defend it against any/all challenges in an honest and vigorous way. Moreover, if they want to maintain any credibility, they should publicly distance themselves from those who would bar entrance to people who ask questions.


I figured these people who resort to their prior ways. Dissenters are never welcome at CoS events. That would curtail their money making machine.