Meckler’s partner Farris throws tantrum at Virginia senator

By Lizzie B

Meckler’s partner in the Convention of States is a bully who lives in Loudoun County, Virginia. He started Patrick Henry College there so he thinks he has weight to throw around  at people who don’t agree with his project. This time his rage is directed at Virginia state Senator Richard Black, who is opposed to using Article V. Black also happens to be the senator for the district in which Farris resides.

. Below is a screen shot of the entire article I found about his tantrum:

Farris on Black Velvet

Don’t miss Black’s comment when Farris threatens to primary him:

I laid out in the sun in Vietnam unconscious for loss of blood, and the idea that somehow I’m going to fear a primary? Give me a break.

Black Velvet/Bruce Lee site has a lot of great articles on Convention of States, Meckler and Farris.

I can’t think of why Meckler and Farris are so rabid about this. Only thing that comes to mind is there must be a lot of money involved.  Hmmm…


More on the feud among conservatives in Virginia.

And this sums up one of my most basic concerns.  “I’m against it, but if we have one, I want to be a delegate,” said Del. Mark D. Sickles (D-Fairfax). “There’s a lot of problems with this Constitution. I’ll just get up to this convention and start whacking away.”


Well this is interesting Maggie. Thanks a lot for the info.