Meckler uses Alinsky tactics to attack elderly women

By Rasputin

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” –Saul Alinsky

A few weeks ago there was an attempt to destroy the reputation of an elderly constitutional scholar who travels making speeches of the dangers of an Article V convention. Her name is Publius Huldah.

Publius is a respected writer on Freedom Outpost and this author learned of this hit-job-in-writing from an article there, Convention of States Uses Alinsky Tactics in Attempt to Destroy Publius Huldah.

The attempt came as an article on Ballotpedia and the sole “evidence” against Publius is about a questionable alliance an in-law of hers had over 30 years ago.

Although it’s not been proven 100% Mark Meckler and his crowd at the Convention of States Project were behind this, their fingerprints are all over it. Meckler has made no secret of his hatred of Publius and others simply because they disagree with his “project” (see other posts on this site.) Meckler isn’t a prolific tweeter but coincidentally he posted this on twitter the day after the article was written:

Meckler tweet on Publius

Meckler initiated the tweet so one must come to the conclusion he was behind this hateful article, who else could have known of it?

Yup. When you can’t beat them using facts, ridicule them any way you can.

Even if it’s an 80 pound, 70 year old constitutional scholar.