Meckler now banning peeps from CoS FB page who support Publius

By Rasputin

Meckler keeps telling us his Convention of States “project” is about proposing amendments to our Constitution. One argument against Article V is amendments could be ratified which could have a detriment against conservatism. After all, radical Lefties like Lawrence Lessing would just love to eliminate 1A, 2A, and Citizens United using an Article V convention.

But it appears Mssr. Meckler may also want to rid our Constitution of 1A, Freedom of Speech. Rasputin found this on Publius Huldah’s Facebook page. This gentleman says Convention of States banned him from their Facebook page because he supported Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah and her opposing view:

Convention of States bans Brian Glover from FB

Rasputin can attest Mr. Glover was a frequenter of CoS FB page and was always polite even though he held the opposite viewpoint.

Article V supporters: Do you know who you’re dealing with? 


But DON'T WORRY!  At the convention itself, opposing views will be welcome.  There will be NO RAILROADING at the Convention!