Meckler misleads with number of states signed up/in

By Lizzie B

My oh my my. What a whole lot of confusion going around in this frazzled brain of mine. So many emails, so much confusing information and so many different numbers and claims.

And Lizzie isn’t the only person confused by all this finagling. I’ve even seen people on that new fangled stuff called Twitter and Facebook confused and asking questions.

But now in all seriousness. Below is a partial email from the Convention of States dated February 16 of this year. 2015.

It is signed by Meckler. He states 26 states have filed The Convention of States Resolution. What exactly does filed mean? We know it doesn’t mean passed both Houses of the state legislature, since we know positively only 4 states have passed both houses: Georgia, Florida, Alaska and just a few weeks ago, Alabama.

Is Meckler prescient in that he goes on to state:

We will have more than a total of 40 states filing the COS Resolution during this 2015 state legislative session!

CoStates email Feb 2015

Two states he has on the list, Virginia and Texas, have since nixed this. And he has Arizona on the list as well, when the president of the Arizona senate has refused to even let this out of committee. Senator Andy Biggs has even written a book about the dangers of a Convention of States.

So my friends, with only 4 states “passed” in 3 years, and 34 states needed to call a convention, Meckler will be continuing to ask for your donations for a very, very long time. In perpetuity, after he’s dead and his kids take over his pet project.

And BTW, a little birdie told Lizzie that Florida is trying to rescind it’s “resolution.” Yes, this is a “resolution” and NOT law. Which means the governor need not sign it.

You can find a list of state rescissions here.

Georgia has rescinded before, and so has Florida, and they may well do it again.



It gets curiouser and curiouser, Miss Borden. That DONATE button will keep on Cha-changing.