Appears Meckler has a dirty cop on his payroll

By Big Al

Meckler has been making a big to-do about an in-law of constitutional scholar Publius Huldah having problems with the law 30 years ago. This is only because she is against an Article V convention and has been educating people about why it could be so dangerous.

It has no merit on her ethics or abilities. But Meckler needs to look in his own backyard before throwing stones at others.

He has on the payroll, or as a volunteer (doesn’t matter which) by the name of John Sess. See below screen shot on the Convention of States page:

John Sess on CoS page

Notice under Mr. Sess’ bio it has “retired CPD.” Big Al’s contacts found out “CPD” stands for “Cincinnati Police Dept.” It sure does appear the arrested cop in the article below is the same John Sess. And if so, Sess did NOT retire from there. He was fired after it was discovered he planted fake evidence on a man he was arresting and then altered the records. He was indicted by a grand jury.

John Sess faked evidence

Full article on the Cincinnati Enquirer can be found here.

So Meckler is not just a bully but he’s a hypocrite as well.