Meckler-Farris-Lessig & Leftwing Association Confirmed

By Vinnie

Sometimes I don’t need to say very much.

Mark Meckler’s toadies have been carping about our “lies” about the Mecker-Farris relationship (they co-founded Convention of States) and their individual and collective relationship with Lawrence Lessig, the renowned leftwing law prof, and who seems to have camped on the front stoop of just about every Article V group in America (Goldwater Institute anyone?, including Nick “I want to be an A-team player” Dranias, over in Arizona. I spent a month in jail there one weekend…all because of my last name. Fugetabouit).

Well yesterday the conservative journalist, Michelle Horstman, at Freedom Outposts, has come out with a new expose, “FDR’s Court-Packing Scheme Now an Inspiration fo Convention of States.”  Michelle doesn’t do guess work, she quotes Michael Farris, so I don’t need to comment any further. Just read this firecracker.

And you braying girls at CoS, don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t make any of this stuff up.