Meckler calls Virginia state legislator “outrageous”

By J. Edgar

When all else fails, call them names and be nasty. So goes Mssr. Meckler. This time he’s after Virginia state Sen. Richard H. Black. The “sin” of Sen. Black is not agreeing with Meckler’s “project” and he derailed legislation there.

The Washington Times reports:

“Our attitude is if state legislators won’t stand against Washington, D.C., then they need to be replaced by somebody who will,” president of Citizens for Self-Governance and a leader of the  state convention movement.”

But Meckler didn’t stop there:

“My personal opinion is, and the plan’s not in place, but my personal opinion is — got to remove him from office,” Mr. Meckler said. “He’s irrational on the issue, he’s unreasonable, he’s outrageous.” [bolding is mine]

I hope Sen. Black is aware of Meckler’s temper tantrum.

Acts just like Obama.