Meckler allows bulliers on his Convention of States Facebook page

By Rasputin

Meckler or someone on his staff, we are sure, monitors and posts on his Convention of States Facebook page. The way we know for sure is there are many “responses” to FB posters. However, where he is lax is he never boots off or criticizes bulliers. For example, see this prolific bullier below:

Benway talks about citizen's arrest


The John Birch Society is anti-communism and is considered by many to be “radical right.” They are also in disagreement with Meckler’s cause. Below are some more posts by the same person. This is May 8, 2015:

rj Benway FB comment revised


Below is a section of of Facebook’s Terms of Service. In this writer’s opinion Rj Benway has violated several of these:

Facebook ToS

I searched. Meckler hasn’t responded or commented to Mr. Benway, or told him to watch it. For that matter, Mark Levin who first proposed using Article V, Michelle Malkin and Red State who are in agreement with Article V, are silent as well.

This can only mean they condone this disgusting language and behavior.