Farris and Meckler now eating their own, CoS volunteer booted for skepticism

By Rasputin

It’s hard enough to watch Meckler and Farris and their minions denigrate those who are against their Convention of States/Article V movement and then delete their posts and/or ban them from their Facebook page.

But now they are eating their own.

A gentleman by the name of Carl Sartain, who apparently is/was a CoS volunteer, posted on the CoS Facebook page he was “excommunicated” by another CoS staffer when he asked questions because he was skeptical of Indiana’s CoS application.

Stewart Collins, who is a major player in the CoS effort, answered Sartain. This is one thread but had to be broken into two parts. Collins then accuses Sartain of “subtle undermining” of their “project.”

It doesn’t matter what points Mr. Sartain took issue with. What matters is he was booted even though he claims he supports an Article V convention.

CoS staffer booted 2

CoS staffer booted 1

This again folks, goes to the character of those leading the charge. Farris and Meckler will let nothing get in the way of their project which has taken in millions of dollars. Even if it means “excommunicating” a volunteer.


Not sure you can throw a guy out, just not by your club's rules. He may still be ConventionĀ  of States, just not Meckler-approved CofS. Good thing this isn't 1200 or they could have burned hi at the stake, treaing him as a Russian Orthodox instead or Roman Catholic. It works about the same way. Good thing God sees things differently.