Article V, a Pissant of an Issue in Times of Crisis?

By Vinnie

Pissant: a type of ant, from the word “pismire” a 14th Century Middle English word for “ant” Who knew?

I was just reading an article about the 2016 election, with the proposition that if a genuine conservative wins, his election will likely throw the country into a mini-civil war, with months of civil disobedience in urban areas. The federal bureaucracy would be in full-scale slowdown or out-and-out revolt, and the establishment wing of the GOP siding with liberal Democrats.

For many of us, this is the fight we’ve been itching for.

Q: But with all hellzapoppin’, will Article V still be a hot-button issue with conservatives, once up to their belt buckles in serious day-to-day crises?

In all likelihood, no. As a front burner issue now, it’s a pissant, so imagine how it will fall from favor after 2016.

On its best day, the Article V  budget solution has never polled in the top tiers of voter priorities anyway. The vast majority of voters citizens still don’t even know of that “other” option in Article V. If they did, they’d be beating down their legislators’ doors to move on it already.

Which makes you wonder, with all that money coming in from Meckler’s DONATE button, why do so few people actually know about it?

The process has been inordinately slow, only four states in two years, according to the Convention of States. What does that make it, 2030, before the 34the state can be brought on board? Interestingly, It moved much more quickly when Carter was president, without the help of internet, social media, 501 (c) (4) protection, or that giant DONATE button CoS uses like an ASPCA tear-jerker. By the time the states got close to an Article V convention call in the 1980’s, Carter was out, Reagan was in, so Congress came up with Gramm-Rudman-Hollings to quell the mob. Only Gramm-Rudman failed. But interest in Article V faded away from anyway.

Apparently it faded away from popular memory, as well, since most of the modern advocates of Article V have no memory of those days, perhaps because they are too young, and worse, have been derelict in doing their homework about its history, perhaps for the same reason. My reading here has been that few of the new-hires at CoS even know much about the history of CoS of just the past year or so. They’ve called out people who are for Article V, but not for the CoS DONATE button or Meckler name-calling. They apparently haven’t read any of the literature of the past year and a half that proves no one is calling them names about Article V. Here, no one cares. That isn’t even an issue here.

But since  CoS has been so slow in bringing new states into the fold (compared to the Carter years) it’s only natural for one to wonder where all that DONATE money is going.

Oh, BTW. Meckler’s site is asking for $100K before July 4, this year. After all, its’s the patriotic thing to do…